AMAZING small group classes that are full of energy and sweat! Instructors floor train you and know how to push you up to the next level. I really enjoy the small “family” like atmosphere that Fitness Forever has. I’m SUPER stoked I joined!
— Kalaunani Kuikahi-Gaspar

This is a wonderful and relaxing place to get fit! Mahalo to Chris and Ellen!
— Terry Chapman

I was in very bad shape, overweight, bad cholesterol...bad posture and back pain at almost 60 years old. After working out four days a week and following his diet for few months, I became a new, healthy man. I feel better than when I was in my twenties, all thanks to Chris’s love and support.
— Gentil Luiz Goncalves

I’m so impressed with the personal attention, expertise, and custom programs to meet the entire family’s needs, especially the kids. Trainers that live it out in their own lives...Kona is blessed to have a fitness studio where the whole family can benefit.
— Jeanne Grosso

I come to Fitness Forever in the winter as a Canadian Snowbird. I have to honestly say it is one of the reasons I love to come to the Big Island.
— Kellie Marie

Awesome ab class at Fitness Forever! Feeling the burn and loving it!
— Karla Robbins Yeaton

Chris is the best trainer/nutritionist. He helped me reach my weight goal in less than two months. The new facility is amazing. State of the art equipment, the place is always clean and I love the air conditioning system.
— Ser Gon

Fantastic gym; became part of our holiday on the Big Island. Chris and his crew have used the space really efficiently with the right mix of machines, and free weights. Great atmosphere and very friendly crew.
— Aditya Dayal

I LOVE THIS PLACE! I’ve held memberships at several gyms in Kona but always felt out of place and dreaded going. Forever Fitness changed everything around for me. Ellen, Chris, and the instructors are invested in you. They take the time to find out what your goals are, constantly check in with you, and help to keep you accountable.
— Akemi I